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Reptile removal

What to do if you find a reptile in the garden or inside the house?

On your own, very little. In Italy, snakes and all reptiles are protected species and it is forbidden by law to eliminate or remove them with methods that can undermine their health.

Which reptiles are present in Italy?

The reptiles present in our country are numerous and proliferate, exploiting the quiet and the shelters present outside the urban centers, in rural areas and in the woods. Also known as ophidians, they are divided into colubrids, which count 11 innocuous species, and viperids, which count 4 dangerous species. Their potential danger lies in the venom they inject with their bite, distinguishable from the colubrids from the bite mark of the two venomous teeth.

Obviously, in the case of a viperide bite, we recommend that you reach the nearest hospital or consult an expert.

Naturally, there are no vipers in Sardinia, only colubrids, although imported species are increasing. However, we do not recommend any action against any reptile because they are not easily distinguishable.

And we strongly recommend that you contact us promptly, and our technicians will then decide which actions to take.

Where and when can reptile infestations occur?

Reptiles usually tend to seek shelter during periods of greatest heat, in damp or wet places, in order to be able to drink. They seek shelter in gutters and wells, especially during the summer. Floors and garages instead are the internal rooms of the house where they can be found more easily, being places that are less frequented and usually cool.

How does Gallura Disinfestation work?

Our technicians follow the current regulations which forbid to damage this species, and are specialized in techniques that respect the health of these reptiles.

Studying case by case and the variables between internal and external environment, they look for the best method to adopt. Based on the evaluation they can decide to adopt removal techniques with the use of repellent products, in spray or granular format, which thanks to their formulation based on natural essences particularly unwelcome to reptiles allow to remove snakes, lizards, geckos, green whip snake and tarantulas from haunted places.

We also provide a prevention service, adopting instruments and products suitable for avoiding the approach of reptiles to public areas, schools, hospitals, institutions, libraries and parks, but also in private civil or industrial areas, villas, apartments, hotels, campsites, condominiums, gyms, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial sheds and means of transport such as ships and airplanes.

If you have an infestation in progress, or have any questions, call us at +39 0789 57 735, email at [email protected], or fill out the form to request a free quote.

How much it cost?

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