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Bird deterrents from solar and photovoltaic panels

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Bird deterrent in Olbia, Arzachena and the whole Costa Smeralda

The presence of bird colonies, such as pigeons and seagulls in the urban environment has now become a real problem in Sardinia.

Birds are a threat from a sanitary point of view as they are carriers of various parasites such as ticks, lice, mites, etc. which are responsible for pathologies and infections such as salmonellosis, ornithosis, etc ...

Large damage occurs in solar thermal and photovoltaic plants. In fact, bird excretions, in addition to being dirty, contain corrosive substances that affect the integrity and effectiveness of these powerful plants.

Contact us to safeguard your photovoltaic plants in Sardinia, Olbia, Arzachena or across the Costa Smeralda.

Tools for bird control

There are several methods for removing birds:

Anti-intrusion nets: Provide effective barrier without causing injury or damage to the birds.

Mechanical bollards: They have a stainless steel needle structure and can have various shapes and sizes.

Sound Bollards: These devices emit ultrasounds on frequencies that irritate pigeons; they can produce sounds similar to those of birds of prey or flash with LED lights that visually bother birds.

Wire system: These are usually steel cables that prevent birds from perching.

Electric systems: composed of wires with electric current flows, which operate at the slightest contact.

Bio Gel Disinfectants: Gel repellent products made up of a mixture of essential oils extracted from natural substances that, by combining their odors, detract birds.

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