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Plant protection in Porto Rotondo

All ornamental plants are subjected to attacks by parasites that try to get nourishment from the substrates, compromising the state of the plant’s health. Plants reacts to the infestation attacks, showing changes in appearance and functions.

Plant parasites can be animals (insects, mites, aphids, cochineal, moths, olive flies, processionaries, plant lice etc.) or other types of parasites (bacteria, fungi, viruses, sooty mould etc), each with different characteristics.

Plant parasite species can be traced through various monitoring systems (visual analysis, pheromone traps, chromotropic traps, UV traps) that can contain the infestation (mass capture).

For bacterial illness, astrophysics, citrus fumes etc, by reading the symptoms, it is possible to trace directly the cause of the pathology; In special cases, more in-depth analysis and laboratory tests are required.

Gallura Disinfestazioni is the company in Porto Rotondo that specializes in plant protection. After careful observation of the plants and parasites to be tackled, we quickly intervene with plant protection treatments, using special equipment that releases special products that can reclaim plants that are infested.

Lawn caterpillars pest control

Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, Gallura Disinfestazioni is able to intervene in public or private areas, for example villas, apartments, hotels, camping, condos, and industrial sheds and public areas, such as schools, hospitals, institutions, and parks.

The technicians of Gallura Disinfestazioni, specializing in plant protection, use specific machines designed to intervene across the surface of the lawn at a spraying power of 20 atmospheres, guaranteeing the elimination of infestation from caterpillars without compromising the health of the lawn itself.

When choosing the strategy to protect your lawn it is essential not only to know the characteristics of what is causing the infestation, but also to evaluate the environmental context where the infestation is taking place.

With pesticides targeted against lymantria dispar (gypsy moth), caterpillars, lawn fungi, aphids, and mealybugs, our technicians can provide a detailed picture of the issue and schedule when and how to resolve the problem, selecting which ingredients to be used to treat and protect your lawn and ornamental plants (Bougainvillea and Cheesewood).

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