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Disinfection and treatment against termites in Porto Rotondo

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Anti-termite treatments in Porto Rotondo

Our special anti-termites treatments makes use of the Sistema SentriTech System, an innovative multifaceted system for controlling and eliminating underground termite colonies by playing on the termites’ biological behaviours: social behaviour, shedding characteristics, pheromones, and constant search for food.

The true revolution of this system is the use of food bait called SENTRI*Box, formulated with a principal active regulator, instead of traditional insecticide products. This system consists of three consequential phases: 1. Pre-Treatment Monitoring 2. Treatment with Hexaflumuron 3. Post Tracking Monitoring.

Advantages of the SentriTech system against termites

Low environmental impact: the bait is sealed, the active ingredient is present in minimal quantities and is metabolised by termites;

Non-invasive technology: the system is closed and unobtrusive, it does not interfere with either the architecture of the building to be protected, nor the building’s environment;

The system does not cause noises or odours of any kind for your home in Porto Rotondo.

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