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Have you found termites at home but don't know how to fight them? Are you really sure that these are termites and not woodworms?

There are some signs to recognize if a termite infestation is in progress:

If you experience any of these points, it is very likely that the termites are infesting your apartment, your home, your villa, your hotel or the library.

To effectively combat the problem of termites, we use the Sentri*Tech System.

The Sentri*Tech system is an innovative multi-phase system for the control and elimination of colonies of underground termites that exploits the biology of the pest: social behavior, characteristics of the moult, the role of pheromones, constant research of food.

The real revolution is that it does not use traditional insecticide products, but food baits called Sentri*Box, formulated with an active principle regulating growth (IGR): the Esaflumuron.

This system is composed of three consequential phases:

PHASE 1: Pre-Treatment Monitoring

The points of contact with the colony of termites are identified in the first inspections, both outside and inside the structure to be treated.

Once the points of contact have been identified, on the outside a sort of barrier will be created at the base of the building, by installing the priming stations under the ground at a few centimeters depth and by a few meters away from each other various stations.

These will initially be supplied with wooden blocks to attract termites to the bait stations.

Inside the house, instead, it will be possible to have Sentri*Box monitoring stations already activated with the thermicide bait, directly at the passageways of the termites.

PHASE 2: Treatment with Esaflumuron

On the outside, on wooden blocks, Esaflumuron-based baits are added only in stations where termites have been detected. Esaflumuron is an active ingredient with a delayed action that works by blocking the change of termites and preventing their development. Worker termites consume bait and move the product to the remaining individuals of the colony by exchanging food (trophallaxis). Thus an insect chain intoxication occurs.

PHASE 3: Post Treatment Monitoring

Once full control of the colony has been achieved, it is important to consider some actions necessary to avoid a re-infestation. To this end, it is sufficient to keep the external stations active in "monitoring" mode, providing for checks on an annual basis, so as to be able to intervene promptly if the presence of termites is detected again.

The Sentri*Tech system has a very low environmental impact because the baits are sealed and the active ingredient, present in minimal quantity, is metabolized by the termites

A new non-invasive anti-termite technology: the system is closed and discreet, it does not interfere either with the architecture of the building or with the normal use of the environments. It also does not cause any kind of odour or noise.

Still do not know if a termite infestation is occurring? Read our FAQs or our news on the topic. Or contact us by calling +39 0789 57735 or by sending an email to [email protected]

How much it cost?

Areas of intervention

Yes, the damage caused by termites can compromise the stability of wooden structures.

The species present in Sardinia are: Cryptotermes Brevis Kalotermes Flavicollis Reticulitermes Lucifugus

No, it is absolutely not recommended. It is very important not to "disturb" the permanent colony of termites in order to allow their immediate interception when the anti-termite stations are positioned and therefore a better success of the Anti-termite Service itself.

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