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Treatments for the disinfestation of woodworms in Olbia

Woodworm Treatment in Olbia

A new pest control system that is highly innovative and ecological, which allows to disinfect a variety of environments such as villas, apartments, hotels, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and outdoor environments such as pergolas. The treatment relies on the use of hot air only.

Sophisticated convector heaters powered by electricity, these machines are able to distribute the heat evenly and reach temperatures of approximately 50° and 60° to the subjected areas, taking the time necessary to reach the total mortality of worms in all its life stages (egg, larva, pupa, adult). The time required for the various treatments varies from 24 to about 48 hours. The death of worms occurs for the denaturation of proteins. Read the side effects from woodworm infestations and contact us for more details on the Anti-woodworm Service in Olbia.

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