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Are you looking for a way to remove woodworms? Do you need to disinfect your villa, restaurant, apartment, B&B, hotel or home in general?

Gallura Disinfestazioni, specialized in the disinfestation of woodworms and insects in general, has a new highly innovative and absolutely ecological disinfestation system, which allows to disinfest various environments, such as homes, hotels, hospitals, communities, bakeries, pasta factories, pastry shops and public places, using only "hot air".

Thanks to the use of sophisticated convector heaters, we are able to tailor the distributed heat, thus making it possible to bring the temperature of the areas subjected to treatment between 50°C and 60°C, and to keep it constant for the time necessary to berid of any pest, in all its life stages (eggs, larva, pupa, adult). The time required for the various treatments varies from around 24 to 48 hours. Insect death occurs due to the denaturation of protein substances.

Totally ecological, non-toxic treatment, without the use of toxic or harmful formulations. It offers ample versatility of use, to be able to disinfest the environment from any insect or bacterium.

The heat system guarantees the total elimination of woodworms and insects in general, inside the furniture, beams and wooden floors even when the flicker holes are not yet visible.

It is particularly recommended against woodworms and xylophagous insects (those that feed mainly on wood) both on furniture and beams. The woodworms attack both hardwood and conifer woods indifferently, even long dead ones, feeding on the lignin and cellulose contained in the cell wall.

The traditional methods of struggle used against woodworms in wooden artifacts are based on surface treatments of brushstrokes and injections. These treatments, in addition to being characterized by a high environmental impact, often prove to be unsolvable since the insects present deep in the wood are not affected thus making the intervention ineffective.

The intervention with heat does not leave any residue on the treated materials and does not release odors. Read the side effects of woodworm infestation.

The heat system is indicated against bed bugs and can also be used in the fight against mites and food insects in food chains.

The "bed bugs" (Cimex lectularius) are hematophagous ectoparasites (which feed on blood), atteri (wingless), heterometabolous (already similar to adults from birth), whose main characteristic is to inflict long and repeated punctures for the suction of blood thanks to the stinging-sucking buccal apparatus.

Bedbugs, during the day, live in the joints and cracks of beds, walls, furniture, in the stitching of mattresses or armchairs, in electric channels and switches where they lay their eggs; at night they go out to feed.

The shelters and the paths of the bedbugs are easily available due to the dark spots due to their droppings.

They are insects very sensitive to temperatures: they manage to survive even at -15°C for a few weeks, while they succumb quickly to high temperatures.

In fact, already exposed to only 45°C, there is the mortality of all the vital stages of the bedbugs, including the eggs. Unlike the old methods of struggle, with the new heat system, you will be sure of the complete mortality of the pest and, very importantly, you can regain the availability of the treated areas without having to wait for the quarantine times to which there was a meeting to date.

In short, with heat we can treat any material or environmental good that can withstand these temperatures. Search the FAQ if you still have any doubts on how to eliminate the termites, otherwise contact us to receive a free quote!

How much it cost?

Areas of intervention

No, there is no danger to the interior except in particular cases where there may be materials that cannot withstand high temperatures. Our technical staff performs a precise analysis before carrying out the service.

There are two types of hole on furniture attacked by woodworm. The most visible are those that the adult insect creates on becoming an adult and flying away in search of a mate. Treating these holes is pointless because the tunnel beyond has been abandoned. The second type of hole is dug by the just-hatched larva deposited on the surface of the wooden item. These are, however, so small as to be virtually invisible to the naked eye.

It is strongly recommended to intervene as soon as the presence of woodworms becomes apparent, to prevent the infestation from spreading. In fact, adult woodworms fly and search for gaps in the wood in which to lay their eggs. Therefore, intervening as soon as the presence of woodworms is evident, and thereby limiting the area of ​​intervention, will save on the intervention cost.

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