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The painful bites on the skin caused by parasitic common furniture beetles

2015-10-15 Carla Petta posted:

When there is an ongoing attack by common furniture beetles, more and more often one receives painful bites on the skin, followed by a rash that is sometimes itchy, and sometimes painful.

This happens when the infestation by common furniture beetles is extensive, and the parasites of their larvae proliferate.

furniture beetles

It is not, in fact, the common furniture beetle that bites, but their parasites (such as Scleroderma domesticum, source of painful bites, or the invisible Pyemotes ventricosus mite, responsible for annoying rashes tending towards swelling over subsequent days), which find refuge easily in the upholstery of chairs, sofas and chairs, or in cupboards and wardrobes containing clothes.

furniture beetles

In order to eliminate this dual infestation, action is required in advance with a program of environmental disinfestation, able to eliminate the furniture beetle parasites and ensure adequate sanitary conditions.

furniture beetles

Immediately after, a radical and deep treatment on wooden items must be performed, in order to finally eradicate the common furniture beetles present to completely remove the biological basis that attracts their parasites.

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