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Why choose an ecological anti-pest heated treatment?

2016-07-18 Carla Petta posted:

Today we talk about the Woodworm removal Treatments schematically listing the main differences between the chemical treatment and the ecological treatment with heat.

Gallura Disinfestazioni exclusively prefers the ecological treatment with heat, in which it is highly specialized, for the reasons listed below.

Why choose an ecological anti-pest heated treatment

Ecological Heat Treatment:

  • Totally ecological treatment
  • Non-toxic system
  • Zero environmental impact
  • Deep penetration of heat in all types of wood and any thickness
  • The heat acts on every vital stage and guarantees the complete elimination of the infestation at any level
  • Excellent application on wooden artefacts
  • Usable in any field including healthcare
  • Applicability in inhabited contexts and not without any authorization or restriction and immediate usability of the environment
  • Guaranteed System
  • No residue and odor on treated materials and premises

Chemical treatment:

  • Use of toxic gases or harmful formulations
  • High environmental impact
  • Surface treatment
  • Do not penetrate the wood in depth of the insecticide, not infesting
  • Insecticide does not act on the different stages of evolution of the woodworm
  • Not usable in all areas
  • Non-immediate use of the treated environment
  • No guarantee
  • Possibility of residues and odors on the treated materials and premises
  • Not applicable on any surface

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