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Summer advance: THE MOSQUITOES

2017-06-16 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

It is now very little left to the arrival of summer but the high temperatures of these last days have given life to the insect that historically dominates the summer season: the mosquito.

It is interesting to observe based on what characteristics mosquitoes choose their prey. As stated by the most important entomologists, including Claudio Venturelli, the mosquitoes "follow scented signals".

As Venturelli points out, mosquitoes prefer people in meat and pregnant women, because they emit more carbon dioxide.

They love to sting their feet and especially their ankles. They also love those who play sports as they are attracted by sweat and those who drank beer.

It is better to empty the saucers because they proliferate in the water that stagnates.

A note of color is that there is a natural way to depose them, but it could affect our social life: eating garlic. Eating garlic in fact changes the smell of blood, making it less palatable.

Leaving aside for a moment these nice notes, the problem of mosquitoes in the summer should not be underestimated.

We of Gallura Disinfestazioni recommend to plan in advance the interventions, to be carried out with a cadence of 7/10 days, in order to cover the summer time span and avoid the proliferation of the annoying insect.

Summer advance: THE MOSQUITOES

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