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2022-09-23 Gallura Disinfestazioni posted:

Reporter: Who are you? What's your name?

Pest: I am part of the rodent family and am generally known as a house mouse but friends call me Mus Musculus.

Reporter: well friends it's a big word! Tell me a little about your life cycle and your appearance.

Pest: let's start by saying that I'm very antisocial, except when I need to mate then in that case the story changes; I reach my sexual maturity in 45/50 days from my birth and I have a high reproductive potential, in fact during my life I can face 7-8 births with 30/35 babies per year. My back appears gray while the sides are slightly lighter, they are 6-9 cm long and the tail varies from 7 to 10 cm. I am a homophobic animal and my most developed senses are touch and smell, while sight is scarce.

Reporter: wow I see you are busy. Personally, I have not yet had the opportunity to get to know you closely but I have heard many of my acquaintances complain about your annoying presence inside a house, a cellar, a workshop or whatever ... what are these complaints due to?

Pest: There is no need to make all these stories when you see me! It is true that my presence is certainly not pleasant and I should perhaps review some flaws in my behavior ... For example, where I generally stop I leave traces of urine and excrements that certainly annoy the sense of smell and gnaw everything I find for a natural need, my favorites are electric cables. I am omnivorous even if I prefer cereals, but I do not despise everything that I find in front of me.

Reporter: let's say that then they are not completely wrong in complaining about your presence; you are also a vector of disease as I have heard.

Pest: yes, unfortunately it is. The most dangerous is leptospirosis, an infectious disease that can have symptoms of headache, fever and in the worst cases even meningitis and pulmonary haemorrhages.

Reporter: What do I have to do to get rid of you? Should I request a rat-catching service?

Pest: The annual execution of a rat-catching service is the best method to contain the infestations of mice and rats and prevent their recurrence. The rat-catching service is managed considering the main environmental and structural factors, the extent of the problem and the objectives agreed with the customer. Different control and intervention methods are implemented depending on the environment to be treated: schools, hospitals, institutions, libraries, parks, such as private apartments, villas, hotels, campsites, condominiums, gyms, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial warehouses , means of transport such as ships and airplanes. With a cycle of at least 8 interventions per year, the area subject to the service can be constantly monitored. If I can recommend a company to turn to, I tell you without thinking twice that Gallura Disinfestazioni is the leading company in the sector, even if they are not very nice, they have eliminated all my friends, according to Mus musculus.

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