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Environmental hygiene

2019-09-16 Carla Petta posted:

Although reference is made to cleanliness as a clear and intuitive concept, very often we simply use terms such as "cleaning", "sanitization" and "disinfection" as synonyms.

In reality they are terms that correspond to very different activities, which are part of a larger macro-category that involves companies like ours: environmental hygiene.

It is therefore useful to describe the various activities mentioned above in order to be able to distinguish them.

The sanitation interventions must constitute an ordinary activity in work environments, food sector plants, accommodation facilities, health facilities, schools and hospitals. In these environments, in fact, it cannot be limited to ordinary cleaning but it is necessary to apply appropriate disinfection, disinfestation and rat extermination interventions that allow for a healthy and disinfected environment, in which viruses and bacteria do not proliferate easily.

Therefore, Gallura Disinfestazioni advises you never to underestimate the presence of pests and to contact specialized personnel in the sector who can advise on the most suitable control methods accompanied by disinfection and sanitation services that can improve our quality of life and make the environment more

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Environmental hygiene

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