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Rodents as Coronavirus carriers?

2020-11-26 Carla Petta posted:

Rodents as Coronavirus carriers?

Rodents are known to be vectors of many diseases, we have often talked about them in our blog.

During this pandemic you will certainly have wondered if the Covid-19 virus can also be transmitted by mice and rats.

At the moment there is no reliable data, but the studies conducted to date give us hope.

Mice and rats, which share the same spaces frequented by humans, are not considered vectors of the new Coronavirus, although some minor species have still been identified as vectors of the virus that shakes the world.

However, the proliferation of rodents in a given environment is a symptom of an unhealthy and out of control situation.

During this pandemic you will have noticed that it is much more common to see rodents around than in the past.

This situation derives from the fact that, due to the health emergency, particular attention has been paid to disinfection and sanitation operations against Covid-19 in the areas where there are commercial activities, to the total detriment of traditional pest-control activities, rat-catching and monitoring. In large urban agglomerations with many restaurants, bars and businesses of all kinds forced to close due to sanitary provisions, rodents have found fertile ground, circulating undisturbed in search of food in any type of environment.

It is for this reason that Gallura Disinfestazioni strongly advises its customers not to suspend monitoring and rodent control services, because it is precisely in the situations described above that mice and rats proliferate causing considerable damage. On the contrary, we recommend intensifying these activities and paying absolute attention to the corrective pest proofing actions recommended by our expert technicians in the sector to avert and prevent infestations.

Not letting your guard down now would lead to avoiding the damage caused by the uncontrolled presence of mice and rats inside the environments that could cost you dearly at the time of the regular reopening of the activities!

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