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2024-05-03 Gallura Disinfestazioni posted:

Sardinia is one of the regions most affected by Termites, specifically by Reticulitermes Lucifugus.

Lately we have been receiving numerous calls due to the massive presence of termites, which in this period begin the swarming phase.

We are usually asked various questions about Termites and the Termites Removal Service we provide, and for this reason we have decided to make a list of the most common questions and our answers, which can help you better understand what the characteristics of the insect are and how our service consists.

How can I identify a Termite infestation?

The wood attached is recognizable by its characteristic peeled appearance, with various overlapping layers interspersed with gaps covered with the typical cement (called "replacement wood"). The colony moves in the tunnels dug in friable materials or in the characteristic earthy walkways, built with a special "cement" to proceed on hard or exposed surfaces.

Which types of termites are most frequently found in Sardinia?

The species present in Sardinia are: Cryptotermes Brevis, Kalotermes Flavicollis, Reticulitermes Lucifugus

Where do termites live?

Termites, specifically Reticulitermes Lucifugus, live underground. They shun light and free air, confining themselves to the stable environment of the termite mound or protected earthy walkways. Coming from the ground, they move in search of food by feeding on cellulosic materials that they find in the soil or reach directly inside the buildings (wood in place, cardboard, paper, etc.), where they are located in necessarily humid wooden structures.

What do termites eat?

Termites feed on cellulosic materials: wooden window frames; load-bearing beams; parquet; mezzanines; wooden artifacts; paper material.

How do termites get inside my home?

Starting from the ground, Termites penetrate the buildings by exploiting all the passages existing in the colonized environment: crevices in the foundations, interstices in walls or floors, electrical, hydraulic and telephone channels.

What does swarming consist of?

Swarming is a phenomenon that affects winged specimens (not to be confused with winged ants), sexually mature adult specimens that abandon the original nest to create a new one. In this particular phase, which occurs in spring and can last a couple of months, termites are able to make large movements.

Are termites dangerous?

Yes, the damage caused by termites can compromise the static nature of wooden structures.

Can I replace doors that are damaged by termites?

No, as it would risk further providing the termites with nourishment. It is strongly recommended to replace the artifacts only following our intervention through the Anti-Termite Service and therefore the elimination of the termite colony.

Can I clean my house by eliminating earthy termite walkways?

Absolutely not! Termites are lucifugal insects that shy away from the light, so those earthy walkways are their refuge and their way of moving inside a home. Eliminating those earthy walkways causes termites to be disturbed and eventually partially eliminated without solving the problem at the origin. This means that our technicians will have greater difficulty in intercepting termites and consequently longer times in solving the problem.

How does the Termite Removal Service done by Gallura Disinfestazioni work?

The Termite Removal Service of Gallura Disinfestazioni is a three-phase system that includes a first phase of Monitoring and Contact with the Termite colony, a second phase of Chemical Treatment aimed at eliminating the colonies of Termites, a third phase of Surveillance and Post-treatment Monitoring.

What is the timing of the Termite Removal Service?

In order to achieve the expected result and therefore the elimination of the Termite colonies present on site, the Antitermiti Service of Gallura Disinfestazioni has a duration of 24 months and our specialized technicians intervene periodically in the period of the year in which there is termitic activity, specifically in the warm months (depending on the seasonal climatic trend).

Is the termite control service dangerous for humans or animals?

Absolutely not, it is a service with a very low environmental impact. The active ingredient is confined inside a station inaccessible from the outside except to workers equipped with special tools for their inspection.


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