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Heat and humidity: cockroaches’ best friends

2016-06-03 Carla Petta posted:

With the arrival of summer, the rise in temperatures and the high humidity in the city sewage pipes, make the inhabitants of the latter, the Oriental cockroach and the Periplaneta americana, look for a way of escape, escaping from these through the sanitary ware of the houses and from the sewers of the city sewer.

Today, in the historic center of our city, an intervention will take place in the offices of the public administration to eradicate a strong infestation of cockroaches

Heat and humidity: cockroaches’ best friends

The Gallura Disinfestazioni, a leading company in the sector, operating in Northern Sardinia and Costa Smeralda, based in Olbia, carries out resolutive measures against this type of pest, eradicating the problem at the root, with the emission of fumes that have the purpose of sanitizing sewer pipes and inside homes and public places intervening with non-invasive but highly effective gels.

The advanced metedologies used by Gallura Disinfestazioni, allow the carrying out of the intervention without causing the least discomfort and allowing the normal carrying out of the activities in the treated areas whether they are private homes or public places.

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