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Damages caused by Lawn moths

2017-09-19 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

If you have a garden with a beautiful lawn, in addition to taking care of it with proper maintenance, you must pay attention to the "Mythimna unipuncta" commonly known as lawn moths.

Analyzing the biological cycle we notice that this species is able to make long migrations.

The female lays about 1500 eggs, in groups of 100-150 units. The hatching takes place after 5-10 days.

Damages caused by Lawn moths

The mature larva is interweaved a few inches deep, where it turns into a pupa. The pupa stage has a variable duration of 7-14 days and more. Wintering takes place in the ground at the larva stage.

It is precisely in this stage that it can create considerable damage to the ornamental lawns as it feeds the buried parts of the grass stems.

In 24/48 hours it completely yellowed the infested lawn areas, often even tens of square meters. The duration of the complete cycle from egg to adult covers an interval of 30-40 days.

The technicians of Gallura Disinfestazioni, specialized in the defense of the green, intervene with specific machines designed to intervene in depth and in a capillary way over the entire surface of the lawn to a spray power of 20 atmospheres that, combined with a snatching and absolutely knocking product, guarantee the elimination of the infestation from caterpillars without compromising the luxuriance and the health of the lawn itself.

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