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The emergency caused by the Coronavirus

2020-01-28 Carla Petta posted:

The news coming from China these days is not at all positive.

Out of 4,000 confirmed cases of infection, 106 coronavirus victims are reported. But what are the characteristics of this virus?

Coronaviruses are quite common among various species of mammals and birds and infect their respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. They take this name because from the microscopic observations their virions (the infectious part) appear small globules, on which there are small tips that resemble those of a crown.

The Coronavirus recently identified in China is called "new coronavirus" because its characteristics are still poorly understood. The information we have concerns the symptoms, very similar to those of the flu, and the origin: Whuan which with its 11 million inhabitants is the largest city in central China.

The hypothesis of contagion to the human being brings up the markets where pigs, poultry and various other species of wild animals can be purchased.

Poor hygiene conditions increase the risk that viruses pass from an animal species to humans, changing to adapt to new hosts. The Chinese authorities are currently working on suspending commercial activities in the wild animal markets.

The problem, however, is not limited only to the city of Wuhan but concerns the whole world. People from China were found to be infected in various places such as the United States, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Japan, France, Germany.

The tips to reduce the risk of infection given by the health authorities are no different from those indicated for other infectious diseases: wash your hands often with soap and water, sneeze and cough in a tissue, avoid foods such as unwashed fruits and vegetables and drinks not bottled.

At present it is not known whether insects can be vectors of the virus as it was with the zika virus and the west nile virus, cases in which our company has intervened on the front line.

As mentioned previously, poor hygiene conditions can amplify the proliferation of the virus, therefore it is very important to keep environments healthy.

In such situations, it is highly recommended to rely on specialized companies to carry out targeted disinfection and environmental sanitation interventions.

Disinfection is a procedure that allows you to reduce the amount of:

Indoor environments and elements that have a higher degree of humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms are normally contaminated with bacteria and other microbes with which we are in daily contact.

In the case of carcasses, after removal and following environmental contamination by insects or rodents, disinfection must be carried out with the utmost care and in a short time, advising the call of a company like ours, Gallura Disinfestazioni, able to guarantee the high quality level of the interventions.

Within 48 hours we are able to plan resolutive interventions in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Arzachena, Palau, Santa Teresa, Nuoro, San Teodoro, Budoni.

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The emergency caused by the Coronavirus

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