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Top Ten Summer 2019 Pests

2019-07-19 Carla Petta posted:

As per tradition we have arrived at the annual appointment with our usual ranking of the pests that are most prevalent in this summer 2019.

First the woodworm mite. This woodworm parasite is characterized by its infinitely small size (it is invisible to the naked eye) and creates discomfort with its annoying stings.

In the second position we have: the woodworm, whose flickering period coincides with the summer months, are at the root of the presence of the Mites of the woodworm.

The termites, which from the subsoil arrive in homes to feed on damp wooden materials, occupy third place.

Bed bugs, also characterized by strong bites that can cause significant itching, are in fourth place.

Fifth place is occupied by mice and rats. Heat and poor waste management can become the cause of mice and rat infestations. The deratting service of Gallura Disinfestazioni represents an effective solution to combat the problem and prevent it thanks to the study of the areas to be treated and to an accurate consultancy.

In sixth position we find ants, which in large numbers are attracted inside our homes by sugary liquids and, equally well, cockroaches, which with high temperatures tend to escape from the sewers.

In seventh place we find all those pests that threaten the health of ornamental plants: cochineals, sooty mould, cochineals, aphids, olive fly, caterpillars of the meadow, lymantria dispar.

In eighth place another ex aequo: fleas and ticks. The former are vectors of infections and viruses, while ticks are dangerous as they can transmit Lyme borrelliosis, a disease that progressively affects the skin, joints, nervous system and internal organs.

At 9th place we find flies. Strong heat and humidity are essential elements for the development of larvae, while the optimum temperature for greater productive activity is 30° C.

At the last place we find, surprisingly, the mosquitoes that due to the scarce rains still cannot proliferate as often happened in this period of the year.

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Top Ten Summer 2019 Pests

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