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Deratization is the extermination of rats.

The rodent extermination service offered by Gallura Disinfestazioni foresees the complete elimination of infestation from mice and rats and continuous monitoring over time.

The infestation of mice and rats is found by several factors. The most common:

Rats can cause various damage of varying degrees, due to their continuous rodent activity: in fact, they often attack cables and tubes carrying electric current or gas, risking to cause short circuits and gas leaks.

They are also carriers of infectious diseases for both humans and animals, so they can cause major health and hygiene problems. For this reason, rodent extermination is mandatory on ships and airplanes.

Furthermore, the psychological component should not be overlooked: the presence of a rat or a rat in a room, can cause symptoms of anxiety and fear towards a client, causing a negative review of the premises (bar, restaurant, hotel, farmhouse, hotel, bed and breakfast, shops, shopping centers, etc.).

The rodent control activity in commercial premises is the first step for a complete monitoring of H.A.C.C.P.

Do you have an ongoing infestation with rats and mice? Call us for a free quote.

Our technicians are specialized in identifying a possible infestation of mice and rats.

The activity of pest and rat disinfestation carried out by a specialized company involves the use of baits and rodent control systems not available on the market because they can only be used by trained personnel and authorized individuals to avoid damage to unaware persons, children, pets and non-target species.

When carrying out the traditional deratization service, the raticide baits are placed inside special PVC dispensers equipped with a safety lock, which prevents accidental spillage.

The ecological rat extermination instead takes place using rodenticide stations, especially in areas where the use of raticide baits is not allowed. The capture system uses ecological workstations, with a priming and selective function, capable of hitting only rats and mice. Priming occurs through natural food substances, thus avoiding contaminating the environment and disturbing the food chain. The device used is highly innovative and allows rodent monitoring, guaranteeing continuous and effective capture in case of infestation.

One rodent control intervention may not be effective, it must be monitored to prevent any new infestations of mice and rats

Rodent control is recommended for both private and public facilities and the best intervention methodologies are evaluated for each environment.

We offer our services at the following:

In every place, the best method of intervention will be studied, the least invasive possible and respecting to the maximum all the conditions and the regulations.

Write us an email, fill out the form or call us to book a inspection with one of our experts in deratization.

How much it cost?

Areas of intervention

No, supermarket products are aimed at the general public and have a formula and concentration dosage that is different from those intended for professionals for whom specific training is required.

Rodent control makes the treated area or environment non-colonisable. It can never prevent temporary passing through of rodents inside environments, even if properly and regularly controlled. The first important step toward prevention of infestations is represented by the condition of the structure to be controlled. Our company will give you all the advice you need in order to make your locale difficult for rodents to penetrate, and making the rodent control programme even more effective.

It is not possible to establish this with precision, generally death occurs after 48/72 hours.

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