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Covid-19 and rodents

2020-05-20 Carla Petta posted:

Finally the time has come when Italy stands up after more than two months of total closure, many activities have reopened their doors after the great epidemic of Covid-19 and many of them have found a bad surprise inside them, a large infestation of mice and rats.

Are you wondering, what connection is there between Covid-19 and the increase in infestations from mice and rats?

The period of closure of the activities due to Covid-19 coincided with the arrival of the summer and the rise in temperatures and with the moment of greater proliferation and reproduction of mice and rats.

The absence of people around the cities and within the activities, the lack of maintenance of both public and private areas and the lack of control of these areas by means of rodent control have favored the infestation of mice and rats that have populated the undisturbed urban areas to the incessant search for food.

How can we remedy this situation which risks also favoring the transmission of diseases transmitted by mice and rats?

It is very important to plan as soon as possible a rat catching service that allows to bring the situation back to normal and to monitor it constantly to avoid future infestations.

It is also necessary to implement all the corrective actions recommended by experts in the field of rodent control to make the environment inhospitable to mice and rats.

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Covid-19 and Rodents

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