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Locust warning!

2020-02-12 Carla Petta posted:

The Migratory locust, Orthoptera insect of the Acrididae family, is invading Africa!

These insects, which can have a size of up to 50 mm, have a white appearance at birth and become dark in the adult stage (after 40/50 days) by means of several molts.

The desert locust infestation affecting the Horn of Africa started from Yemen and has already invaded Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and appears to be arriving in Tanzania.

The size of the infestation of these insects is reaching devastating dimensions, to date there are 200 billion specimens.

The damage caused by this infestation is huge!

Millions of hectares of completely raided cultivated fields and 13 million people in a situation of acute food insecurity with very high chances of worsening.

Governments have announced that a special plan to contain the infestation through chemical disinfestation is about to be implemented.

Airplanes, pick-ups and tractors will be used in the field as means for disinfesting these feared insects.

The disinfestation method that will be used will be mainly based on spraying, in which atomisers, prestressing pumps or back-up pumps (electric or internal combustion engine) effective in various external areas are used.

The correct application of the methods following the international disinfestation protocol, in addition to the technical capacity of the operators, will be crucial for the perfect success of the containment plan.

We at Gallura Disinfestazioni are doing a lot of good luck to Africa and we hope that the planned disinfestation intervention plan will be effective.

Locust warning!

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