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Two parasitic mites of urban birds

2023-09-20 Gallura Disinfestazioni posted:

Today we want to bring to attention two of the main pests that can harm our health because they are highly present in urbanized contexts. Specifically, we are talking about the parasites of some of the birds most present in our cities.

When a certain species feeds and reproduces at the expense of a host species, it is called parasitism.

In this sense, birds, as host species, are no exception and, directly or indirectly, humans also find themselves sharing a long series of parasites with them.

Among the birds that have adapted to living in urban contexts, now colonizing them massively, we find pigeons. Through their excrement, these birds disfigure monuments and buildings and can contaminate food or goods. Furthermore, they can be harmful to human health as they carry infectious diseases and parasites.

One of the main pigeon parasites is the pigeon soft tick (Argas reflexus)

This species is characterized by a strongly flattened body, equipped with four pairs of legs and has no eyes. Hematophagous and ectoparasite of Columba livia, the common pigeon, it has modified its lifestyle, becoming gradually more endophilic and synanthropic. It is a species that has adapted very well to urbanized environments and is present in almost all Italian regions. The blood meal is very quick (we're talking about 30 minutes) and can also remain fasting for 7 years.

In the event of heavy infestations or in the absence of hosts to parasitize, it can attack humans and for this reason it is one of the mites with great health value, given that toxic secondary reactions and even anaphylactic shock can occur.

Another parasitic mite of birds is Dermanyssus gallinae, commonly known as the pollen mite.

The adult pollen mite measures approximately 1-1.5 millimeters and the color varies between gray and reddish-brown depending on whether it has fed or not. During the night, the mites are able to identify their host through carbon dioxide emissions, vibrations and heat. Unlike Argas reflexus, it can remain fasting for "only" nine months.

Scientific studies have shown that they can attack over 30 species of birds, domestic animals and even humans. The health relevance of the pollen mite is dictated by the fact that they can act as a mechanical vector of bacteria and viruses.

To combat the proliferation of organisms, it is necessary to detect the degree and cause of the infestation and proceed with targeted disinfestation interventions carried out by professionals in the sector.

After the removal of the birds from the affected structures it is possible to proceed with reclamation and disinfestation interventions.

Gallura Disinfestazioni is specialized in carrying out disinfestation interventions in public areas, schools, hospitals, institutions, libraries and parks, but also in private civil or industrial areas, villas, apartments, hotels, campsites, condominiums, gyms, swimming pools, bars , restaurants, supermarkets, industrial warehouses and means of transport such as ships and planes.

We operate throughout Northern Sardinia and specifically in the areas of Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Palau, Cannigione, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Arzachena, Golfo Aranci, Loiri Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro, Budoni, Siniscola and Nuoro.

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