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2023-03-01 Gallura Disinfestazioni posted:

Woodworm parasites represent a topic of health and economic interest, both for the dermatitis that they are able to originate in humans and animals, and for the damage that their presence causes in food products and beyond.

The best known aspects, linked to an infestation of woodworm parasites and therefore of the woodworms themselves, are related to dermatological problems, such as incessant itching, blisters and visible lesions all over the skin; the most important and well-known parasite is the Pyemotes Ventricosus also known as the "woodworm mite", as the word itself says, it lives at the expense of woodworms and when it does not find enough to be able to parasitize it moves to feast on man's skin, giving rise to the dermatitis present on our skin. (itching, blisters, etc.)

The infestations of woodworm parasites are generally widespread in the period from April to October, they can move quickly from one room to another in the house and reach clothes and linen stored in wardrobes; they also frequently attacks our furry 4-legged friends, causing a strong itchy dermatitis.

Our company specializes in room saturation disinfestations, i.e. the ideal technique for indoor treatments and the most effective against mites and based on ULV. The wording ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume, it is a particular disinfestation aimed at generating "cold mists" - with drops of less than 10 microns - thanks to ULV nebulizers. This technique allows formulations to arrive even in generally unreachable interstices.

How to recognize a mite infestation? The bites of the woodworm mite cause small, clearly visible red blisters on the skin, which cause severe itching. Their presence is an unequivocal sign of the contemporary presence of woodworm in beams, furniture and furnishings in general.


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