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The woodworm mite

2019-08-09 Carla Petta posted:

Last month we compiled our usual 2019 summer pest ranking, undoubtedly dominated by the woodworm mite.

With the very high temperatures of this summer the presence of woodworm mites increases exponentially.

Usually the woodworm mite, especially Pyemotes ventricosus, feeds at the expense of woodworms.

He stings them and injects a poison that has a paralyzing and digestive function. Once the tissues are liquefied, the mite feeds on sucking them. When he does not find sufficient xylophagous insects to be parasitized he turns to the human.

We have already spoken in the past of how annoying the mite stings on our skin can be and we have also talked about the correlation between the presence of woodworm and woodworm mite in the same environment.

Our company specializes in disinfestations at room saturation, which is the ideal technique for indoor treatments and the most effective against mites and based on ULV. The term ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume, it is a particular disinfestation oriented to generate "cold mists" - with drops less than 10 microns - thanks to ULV nebulizers. This technique allows formulations to arrive even in generally unreachable interstices.

However, after having carried out the treatment against mites it is necessary to fight the origin of the infestation: the woodworms.

The anti-wood treatment of our company is ecological, non-toxic and without the use of harmful formulas.

This innovative system allows you to disinfest various environments using only "hot air".

The system with heat guarantees the total elimination of woodworms and insects in general, inside the furniture, beams and wooden floors even when the flicker holes are not yet visible.

On our site you can find a detailed page on the treatment with woodworm and contact us for free estimates via the dedicated form.

The woodworm mite

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