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Musophobia: fear of mice

2020-04-14 Carla Petta posted:

Known as Musophobia (or Murophobia) it is that particular type of phobia which consists in fear towards mice or rodents in general.

According to evolutionary theory, Musophobia has ancient origins. For our ancestors, mice were a threat to the survival of the whole human species. One example is the 14th century black plague which caused millions of victims in Europe alone. This testifies how the fear of rats is linked to socio-cultural variables.

The mouse is believed to be the most populous mammal on the planet and is found on all continents. There are 60 different species of rats characterized by the fact that they are man's guests: they take advantage of human nourishment or waste.

Man has always been used to living with mice and rats, and over time he has tried to try to limit and contain their proliferation.

In fact, in addition to the material damage caused to electrical cables and food reserves, mice can have a negative impact on our health as they are carriers of numerous pathologies of varying severity (leptospirosis, rabies virus, salmonellosis etc.).

In addition to these inconveniences is also added that related to psychological health and therefore to Musophobia.

The phobia of mice can indeed cause anxiety, shortness of breath, nausea and panic.

The only way to limit the proliferation of rats and mice is to rely on a company specializing in rat catching services.

The rat catching services carried out by Gallura Disinfestazioni provides for the complete elimination of the infestation from mice and rats and the continuous monitoring over time.

Our technicians are specialized in identifying a possible infestation of mice and rats.

This type of specific service involves the use of baits and rodent control systems not available on commerce as they can only be used by trained and authorized personnel in order to avoid damage to unwitting people, children, pets and non-target species.

In carrying out the rat extermination service, respecting the characteristics of the places to be treated, the best intervention method is studied so that it is as invasive as possible and that it respects all conditions and regulations as much as possible.

For the control of infestations from mice and rats we operate in the areas of Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Arzachena, San Pantaleo, Cannigione, Palau, Santa Teresa, Nuoro, San Teodoro, Budoni.

We recommend to those who have not already done so to make use of recognized and technically qualified professionals in the Environmental Hygiene sector to carry out the Rat Control Service in their home, company, restaurant etc.

If you are interested in receiving a free quote, please contact us.

Musophobia: fear of mice

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