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Travel lovers, bed bugs are on holidays with you

2016-08-04 Carla Petta posted:

The requests for intervention against bed bugs are constantly increasing, annoying parasites that, as the name implies, lurk above all in the beds and sofas, disturbing our moments of rest.

In recent years, the increase in urban population and the greater ease of movement of people have contributed to increase the problems related to bed bug infestation which, infesting clothes and suitcases, travel long distances taking advantage of travelers' movements.

Travel lovers, bed bugs are on holidays with you

The bed bug has nocturnal habits and hides from sunlight. The size of the adult is about 6 millimeters, so they are clearly visible to the naked eye.

The buccal apparatus is of a pungent sucking type which, thanks to the elongated rostrum, allows the blood to be sucked from the host during the meal.

With their bites they cause itchy lesions that are difficult to diagnose even for dermatologists.

Travel lovers, bed bugs are on holidays with you

Some precautions for travelers are not to put the luggage and suitcases in the room, check clothes and if necessary to wash them at high temperatures, check seams, buttons and folds of mattresses, sofas, chairs, cushions and curtains.

To make effective the disinfestation interventions against these parasites, in which the Gallura Disinfestazione is highly specialized, it should foresee the displacement of elements of furniture and clothing, leaving the furniture totally empty to not neglect possible sites of nesting.

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