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2022-08-20 Gallura Disinfestazioni posted:

Today 20 August is World Mosquito Day, promoted to remind everyone of the importance of fighting malaria and vector-borne diseases.

This date was chosen because on August 20, 1897, the Nobel laureate Ronald Ross discovered the relationship between mosquitoes and malaria disease.

Instead, it is thanks to the Italian scientist Giovanni Battista Grassi that the actual responsible species was discovered: genus Anopheles and later also Aedes and Culex.

The World Health Organization now estimates that vector-borne diseases such as mosquitoes account for 17% of all infectious diseases, causing over 700,000 deaths a year. Malaria alone causes 400,000.

To ensure that cases are identified early and all measures are taken to reduce their spread, the Ministry of Health periodically issues Surveillance and Response Plans for the various arbovirosis.

Higher Institute of Health coordinates the integrated surveillance activities of arbovirosis in Italy, in collaboration and with the financial support of the ministry.

There are numerous methods of fighting mosquitoes, for which it is however necessary to make use of the expertise of companies specialized in the sector.

Gallura Disinfestazioni carries out different types of interventions aimed at fighting mosquitoes:

Mosquito killer prevention services

Adulticidal pest control services through the use of biocidal insecticide

Adulticidal pest control services through the use of biological insecticides

Monitoring and capture services

Consultancy and product sales services

In all these cases described, Gallura Disinfestazioni makes available its thirty years of experience in the field of environmental hygiene by offering specific assistance based on the type of infestation and the areas to be treated.

Discover our Pest Control, Rat-Catching, Disinfection, Woodworm removal, Termite removal, Plant protection, Weeding, HACCP monitoring, Reptile Removal, Bird repellents Service.

We operate throughout Northern Sardinia and specifically in the areas of Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Palau, Cannigione, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Arzachena, Golfo Aranci, Loiri Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro, Budoni, Siniscola and Nuoro.

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