Black stains on the walls, mattresses that have changed color, and unpleasant smells are some symptoms of infections going on inside houses, public spaces and in food industries.

The infection can be caused by:

Black spots on the wall are usually due to mold. Often the molds that are created indoors are very harmful to the lungs: prolonged exposure to mold can lead to serious respiratory problems.

Mattresses that have yellowish colors, unpleasant odors and produce a lot of ‘dust’ can be infested with bacteria and fungi. Any pest, in addition to causing damage to both the respiratory system and the skin, greatly disturb the quality of sleep.

The unpleasant smell from air ducts can be due to several things. These include viruses, bacteria or mold in the air conditioner filters, the presence of carcasses in the pipes. Any infestation can always cause even serious respiratory damage.

Disinfection is a procedure that reduces the amount of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, protozoa and small weeds.

The disinfection of an environment can take place by exterminating, inactivating or raising the temperature in order to make the treated environment protected from any source of infection.

The interiors and elements that have a higher degree of humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchens, sanitary ware, and changing rooms are normally contaminated by bacteria and other microbes with which we are in daily contact. It is necessary to use specific disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite, quaternary ammonium salts and enzymatic substances, or through heat treatments to bring the infestation back under control.

In the presence of carcasses, after removal and following environmental contamination by insects or rodents, disinfection should be performed with the utmost care and in a short time, advising the call of a company such as Gallura Disinfestazioni, who can guarantee the high quality level of the interventions. In many cases, moreover, the sanitation of the ventilation ducts and hydraulic systems is strongly recommended to avoid the risk of contracting diseases, such as legionellosis, bacterial pneumonia caused by Legionella Pneumophila.

It is important to live in a sanitized environment to avoid both respiratory and skin problems. Moreover, in a healthy and disinfected environment, viruses and bacteria do not proliferate easily. For this reason, we recommend our disinfection treatments in all public places, but also in smaller environments, such as doctors' offices, hotel rooms, swimming pools and gyms.

Don't forget to perform disinfection operations in the environment of rodents, such as mice and birds like pigeons. Their presence is accompanied by insects and bacteria.

In light of the thirty years of experience in the sector, we can perform professional sanitization treatments in public areas and private civil or industrial areas such as:

We guarantee effective and safe treatments in order to disinfect your environment

Please contact us for more information on our disinfection activities and request a free quote. We will intervene promptly even in areas of particular operational difficulty. Call us at +39 0789 57 735, email at [email protected] or fill out the form to receive a free quote.

How much it cost?

How do I get rid of dust mites?

The fight against mites is problematic and not standardisable. One can proceed either by acting on the factors limiting their development, or by using chemical means. In the first case, reducing the humidity, the ambient temperature, curtains, stuffed animals, and other items that can hold dust and mites... In the second case, by using various kinds of treatment on the area, after careful assessment by an expert.

Is the dog tick dangerous to humans?

The dog tick is able to transmit different forms of Rickettsia to humans, infections caused by micro-organisms are very similar to bacteria but, unlike these, are obligate parasites (they multiply only inside other organisms). Among these, the most famous is the spotted fever, which causes fever, rash and black spots ("tache noir") all over the body. It is generally benign, but if not diagnosed in time can lead to serious complications.

Can I kill the mites by washing the linens and clothing?

The mite does not drown but manages to surround himself with an air bubble that allows it to breathe even in the water. - Regarding the washing of sheets and blankets, remember that washing at temperatures over 60 °C kills all the mites, but in lukewarm water, the mites will multiply. If you do not want to use such temperatures, add 5 ml of eucalyptus oil (bought in a herbal medicine shop) to the usual detergent. Then soak normally with water at 30°C for 30-60 minutes. Clothing should be washed instead at 55-60 °C; if they cannot be washed, put the clothes in the freezer (as for plush toys) for at least 24 hours. If washing by hand, use 20 ml of eucalyptus oil in 10 litres of water. If soaking clothes you can use 3 ml of benzyl benzoate in 10 litres of water.

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