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Leptospirosi, the disease of mice

2016-12-06 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

We have talked in recent months about the differences between the mouse and the rat. Today the rodents return to the pages of our blog inspired by the recent news regarding 4 people of Vicenza who have been hospitalized because of the "disease of rats".

The disease in question is nothing but Leptospirosis, an infectious disease that can cause headaches, fever and, in the worst cases, even pulmonary hemorrhages and meningitis.

The infection is often transmitted by animal urine or water in which it is contained that comes in contact with cuts on the skin or abrasions.

In the case in question the 4 unfortunates, who did a picnic in search of mushrooms not wearing gloves or boots, have suffered the infection coming into contact with water contaminated by urine of mice. The rodents in fact host in their organism the bacterium leptospira and expel it with urine, polluting water and soil.

Leptospirosi, the disease of mice

For fishermen, hunters or sportsmen who frequent areas with stagnant water it is important to take precautions using gloves and boots. The only immersion of hands or feet in contaminated water can be fatal, as this disease has incubation times ranging from 4 to 20 days.

The technicians of Gallura Disinfestazioni use cutting-edge equipment, to perform the operations of rat catching, dispensing very useful tips to limit the activity of rats in your properties, avoiding unpleasant problems of this type.

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