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Rattus rattus (Black rat)

Rattus rattus (Black rat)


Rattus Rattus

Rattus Rattus

Does a rodent control program do everything possible to prevent an infestation by rodents?

Rodent control makes the treated area or environment non-colonisable. It can never prevent temporary passing through of ...

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We had a problem with rodents that you solved for us. How long do we have to continue with the service, as we haven't seen any more rodents?

The reason you do not see more rodents is due precisely to the fact that a periodic check is carried out. Terminating th...

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How do you identify a tiger mosquito from other mosquitoes?

Generally, the tiger mosquito has sizes ranging from 4 to 10 mm, similar to the common mosquito in Italy. Its body is bl...

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What should I do to defend against the tiger mosquito? What are the correct and incorrect behaviours?

The tiger mosquito loves the water, even in small quantities, as this is where its larvae develop. Its eggs, laid in dry...

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What is the impact of the tiger mosquito on public health?

In August 2007 in Emilia Romagna, the first cases of Chikungunya virus transmission by the tiger mosquito were reported....

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My house is often invaded by crane flies and I'm terrified. Can they sting?

The crane fly (known as "zanzarone"'large mosquito' due to its similarity to mosquitoes) belongs to the Tipuli...

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What is HACCP?

The "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" (HACCP) system is a hygiene self-assessment control system t...

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What is HACCP for?

The HACCP method allows the identification and monitoring of key points that may result in a decrease of the standard of...

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What is the role of the exterminator in an HACCP context?

A major cause of deterioration in food quality is contamination due to pests. Through their actions, exterminators play ...

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Is the dog tick dangerous to humans?

The dog tick is able to transmit different forms of Rickettsia to humans, infections caused by micro-organisms are very ...

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