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Automatic disinfestation: mosquito repellent systems

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Anti-mosquito treatment for zero worries

Automatic disinfestation is a treatment that is activated without any manual intervention. Freeing the garden from mosquitoes and enjoying peace is no longer an unattainable dream; in fact, with automatic disinfestation systems it is now possible!

There is an almost invisible solution to eliminate mosquitoes so you can enjoy the garden of your villa, your swimming pool and any green and outdoor space of your home.

Automatic disinfestation through the installation of anti-mosquito systems is an alternative or integrated method of control to the classic disinfestation methods to eliminate mosquitoes. Automatic pest control systems are possible in any external environment. It is a safe and reliable mosquito treatment, not harmful to plants, pets, children and people.

What is automatic pest control?

Automatic disinfestation consists of the installation of anti-mosquito systems, which automatically carry out a constant disinfestation service against mosquitoes in all the external areas of your property. Using the principle of ultra-low volume nebulization (ULV), they spread automatically and at pre-established times a mixture of water and active ingredient, eliminating the mosquitoes present from the garden and thanks to the special repellent formulation, creating a barrier that keeps the incoming ones away.

Treatment can be suitable for different sizes, from small and large gardens, private homes, hotels, parks, public and even highly frequented environments; whatever the size of your relaxation area, it will be possible to install the mosquito repellent system that suits your needs.

Automatic mosquito treatment zero worries

Zero worries with Gallura Disinfestazioni's mosquito repellent systems because they are completely modular systems and professional products that can be managed remotely. The intelligent systems offer countless programming possibilities ensuring a better quality of life, free from annoying mosquitoes and insects, both in outdoor areas of a few square meters and large hectares.

You can count on Gallura Disinfestazioni for detailed advice to design and build the disinfestation system you need.

Our specialized technicians install the anti-mosquito systems ensuring a maintenance and monitoring service for the automatic disinfestation system based on the customer's needs.

Automatic mosquito repellent system installation

The installation of the automatic mosquito repellent system is very simple because it is made up of modular elements and the positioning takes place in a perimeter manner in the areas to be protected, creating a real impenetrable barrier for mosquitoes and annoying insects.

The mosquito repellent system, thanks to its small size, can be camouflaged in the vegetation so as to respect the design of the green and outdoor areas in general.

The automatic disinfestation guarantees constant protection because the anti-mosquito system carries out a micro nebulisation of the product a few minutes a day and thanks to the different programming options it can carry out different dispensing amounts during the day or night, depending on the customer's needs or on the trend climate.

The periodic and automatic repetition of the anti-mosquito treatments prevents the deterioration of the active ingredients, guaranteeing the result of a mosquito-free garden.

The automatic mosquito repellent system is suitable for any type of situation and is safe, it can also be used with completely natural products to respect the environment and pets, as well as people and children.

The Gallura Disinfestazioni staff will guide you in choosing the product for the mosquito repellent system that best suits your needs!

Are you curious to learn more about the new mosquito repellent system for the automatic disinfestation of your garden?

Can't wait to try having a mosquito repellent system tailored for you? Call us for a free quote!

How much it cost?

Areas of intervention

In August 2007 in Emilia Romagna, the first cases of Chikungunya virus transmission by the tiger mosquito were reported. The symptoms of the disease are acute fever, headache, nausea, vomiting and acute joint pain. In some cases, patients may also have itchy rashes. In tropical areas, and in many parts of Asia the tiger mosquito is a vector of several viral diseases, particularly those caused by arboviruses, including dengue fever, yellow fever and some forms of encephalitis. In the Mediterranean basin, as well as Chikungunya, there are six active arboviruses that could be transmitted by the tiger mosquito, including the West Nile virus, and the Israel Turkey Meningoencephalitis virus, some viruses of the Togaviridae family, and others from the Bunvaviridae family. In Italy, in addition to the recent cases of Chikungunya in very limited areas in Romagna, the tiger mosquito is actually known primarily for the acute discomfort caused by its bites, which cause swelling and persistent irritation, itching, or bleeding, often quite painful. In unusually sensitive people, a large number of bites can result in allergic responses that require medical attention. The worst form of damage associated with this mosquito, then, is its impact on the habits of the population.

The crane fly (known as "zanzarone"'large mosquito' due to its similarity to mosquitoes) belongs to the Tipulidae family and is not a mosquito. These insects do not sting at all; their larvae cause problems as, if present in large numbers, they can be harmful to meadows because they gnaw the collars of herbaceous plants.

No, the automatic disinfestation system with the mosquito repellent system can be programmed based on the needs of those who live in the area and can therefore provide the insecticide and/or repellent products during times when the area is not occupied.

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