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2019-10-04 Carla Petta posted:

In recent years there has been an increasing insistence on the environment and its protection. The young Greta Thunberg, with her battles for sustainable development and against climate change, is the face of this awareness.

For our part, as a company that operates in the field of sanitation and environmental hygiene, we have a duty to project ourselves towards a future focused on ecology.

For several years we have been offering (totally unique in Sardinia) a totally ecological treatment based on heat.

With the use of special convector heaters we are able to distribute the heat that they produce in a capillary way, bringing the temperature of the areas subjected to treatment between 50 ° and 60 ° and keeping it constant for the time necessary to reach the total mortality of any pest, in all its life stages.

The time required for the various treatments varies from around 24 to 48 hours. Insect death occurs due to the denaturation of protein substances.

The system with heat guarantees the total elimination of woodworms and insects in general, inside furniture, beams and wooden floors even when the flicker holes are not yet visible.

It is particularly recommended against woodworms and xylophagous insects (those that feed mainly on wood) both on furniture and beams. The woodworms attack both hardwood and conifer woods indifferently, even long dead ones, feeding on the lignin and cellulose contained in the cell wall.

Usually in the fight against woodworms traditional methods are used based on surface treatments of brushing and injections in wooden artifacts. These treatments, in addition to being characterized by a high environmental impact, often prove to be unsolvable since the insects present deep in the wood are not affected thus making the intervention ineffective.

Our treatment embraces the green ideology, avoiding the use of toxic gases or harmful formulations and allowing a wide versatility of use to be able to disinfest the environment from any insect or bacterium. (Mites, bed bugs, food insects).

The intervention with heat does not leave any residue on the treated materials and does not release smells and, unlike the now old methods of struggle, guarantees with certainty the complete mortality of the pest.

Another very important aspect is that it allows the immediate availability of the treated areas to be regained without having to wait for the quarantine times that have been encountered to date.

In summary with heat we can treat any material or environmental good that can withstand these temperatures. Search in the FAQ if you still have any doubts about how to eliminate woodworms, otherwise contact us to receive a free quote. Timely interventions throughout the territory of Sardinia!

Greta Thunberg

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