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The characteristics and habits of rodents

2022-02-14 Carla Petta posted:

The basis of an effective rat catching service is the knowledge of the characteristics and habits of mice and rats.

Rodents are among the most numerous mammals in nature and which have best managed to adapt to different types of environments. They have a high reproductive capacity, for example a female house mouse can mate up to 6 times in a year while a female rat can mate up to 4 times a year, giving birth in both cases from 7 to 10 pups per litter

Precisely this prolificacy of rodents can lead to various problems, whether they are of a health or economic nature.

Some studies (Vuksa et al. 2011) have shown that in addition to the health problems we already know of being carriers of pathogens and parasites, at an economic level it is estimated that 5% of the total food produced worldwide is eaten or damaged by mice. The damage that mice and rats cause to the systems (cables and pipes carrying electricity and gas) due to the continuous rodent activity must also be taken into consideration.

These impressive numbers highlight the urgent need to keep the number of mice and rats under control, to know their behaviors and their habits, so as to be able to choose the best fighting methodology to be implemented to combat an infestation, be it of chemical rodent control, ecological rodent control or rat proofing activities.

It is interesting to know that one of the main characteristics of rodents is their being neophobic, they are afraid of what is new, they need time to study the environment and get used to the presence of new objects.

To orient themselves, rodents use the sense of touch, with which they recognize objects in a space; the organs assigned to this function are the long whiskers on the muzzle called vibrissae, which are continuously moved by specialized muscles.

Sight is a poorly developed sense, so in order to orient themselves rodents need their whiskers to be in contact with a surface, in this way the contact and bending of the whiskers against the walls send information to the brain regarding their location, thus allowing the building a mind map.

Similarly, whiskers are used to study the obstacles and objects they find in their path and thus memorize their shape and position.

Several closely related factors (technical, empirical, theoretical and environmental knowledge) contribute to the excellent success of the rat catching service.

The rat catching service of Gallura Disinfestazioni takes into account the behaviors of mice and rats and is carried out by highly specialized technicians who from time to time choose the best and innovative methods of struggle that allow to obtain excellent results in the execution of the rodent control service and in the containment of murine infestations.

Gallura Disinfestazioni carries out the rodent control service throughout Northern Sardinia, specifically in the areas of Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Palau, Baja Sardinia, San Pantaleo, Arzachena, Nuoro, Porto San paolo, Golfo Aranci, San Teodoro, Budoni, Siniscola.

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