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Mosquitoes disinfestations: Virus Chikungunya

2019-05-31 Carla Petta posted:

In 2019 traveling, communicating, exporting and importing is very simple!

All this certainly has many positive aspects, but also some negatives!

The increase in mobility, trade and travel has an alarming proliferation and adaptability of insect vectors of viruses that are dangerous to human health, even in geographical areas where presence has never been reported.

In this specific case we are talking about mosquitoes, in particular of the different species of Aedes that have also been introduced in Europe and are now spreading rapidly, representing a risk for public health that must be dealt with in a timely manner, as evidenced by recent transmission cases native of Chikungunya and Dengue.

The mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, in fact, are creating a widespread concern and are becoming a problem of primary importance at a global level in Europe, given their daytime aggressiveness and their ability to convey particularly dangerous viruses. In tropical areas, Aedes mosquitoes cause more than 100 million cases of viral diseases each year, such as Dengue, yellow fever, Chikungunya and Zika and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.

It is just a couple of days ago the news of the first full-blown case of Chikungunya in Italy, in the municipality of Ardea. The municipal administration has issued an urgent order to carry out the disinfestation of the areas adjacent to the home of the infected person.

The Chikungunya virus is caused by the bite of tiger mosquitoes, the incubation lasts from 3 to 12 days. It manifests itself in man with fever, chills, nausea and above all arthralgia: practically the body remains almost motionless taking analgesic positions.

For the fight against these pests it becomes essential to have the most up-to-date technologies and the most precise information in real time in order to be able to plan targeted and effective pest control interventions.

Our company carries out professional disinfestations against mosquitoes throughout Northern Sardinia and specifically in the areas of Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Palau, Santa Teresa, Baja Sardinia, Cannigione, Arzachena, Nuoro, San Teodoro, Budoni.

Contact us for a free disinfestation quote against mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes disinfestations: Virus Chikungunya

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