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World Pest Day 2019

2019-06-07 Carla Petta posted:

World Pest Day 2019

For the past 2 years, June 6 has been the "World Pest Awareness Day".

The establishment of the "World Pest Day" is aimed at raising public awareness of the fundamental role played by professionals operating in the pest control sector.

All professionals in the environmental hygiene world contribute with their work to improving quality of life and protecting public health.

Very often the role of the Professional Disinfector is wrongly underestimated: they work every day to protect people and property from potential diseases and pest damage.

Disinfestation professionals play a fundamental role in protecting citizens and public and private places from pests and diseases: homes, schools, recreational areas, hotels, food producers, doctors' offices, hospitals, retail companies and others companies.

In today's society, pest management is an aspect of fundamental importance and each of us should implement a correct Environmental Hygiene plan to improve the quality of our lives.

Common domestic pests, such as woodworms, termites and insects, can cause serious damage to property; rodents, cockroaches, flies, create problems of sanitary and food hygiene; mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bed bugs and mites are serious threats to human health through the transmission of diseases; pests and green pests can compromise the health of our ornamental plants and gardens.

All services carried out in the field of Environmental Hygiene, from Pest Control and Deratization to Disinfections, from Defense of the Green to Weed Control, from the Antitarlo Services to the Anti-Timer Services, not to forget the removal of birds and reptiles and HACCP monitoring.

Entrusted to real professionals in the sector, follow us on and contact us for free estimates.

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