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Top Ten Summer 2018 Pests

2018-07-18 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

As usual we arrived at the annual appointment with our usual ranking of weeds that are most raging in this summer 2018.

  • In the first place we find the Flies, undisputed queens of this period. The strong heat and humidity are essential elements for the development of the larvae while the optimal temperature for a greater productive activity is 30 ° C.
  • In second place the Woodworm mite. This woodworm parasite is characterized by infinitely small dimensions (it is invisible to the naked eye) and creates discomfort with its annoying bites.
  • The third position is closely linked to the second: the Woodworms, whose period of flicker coincides with the summer months, are at the root of the presence of the Woodworms Mite.
  • Bed bugs, also characterized by strong bites that can cause considerable itching, are in fourth place.
  • In fifth place we find cockroaches and beetles, which with high temperatures tend to escape from the drains, and the mosquitoes that are proliferating copiously due to the numerous rains that fell in the spring.
  • In sixth place we find all those weeds that attack the health of ornamental plants: Scale Insects, Sooty Mould, Aphids, Olive Fruit Fly, Lawn Moths, Gipsy Moth.
  • Termites, which from the subsoil arrive in the houses to feed on wet wooden materials, occupy the seventh place.
  • The eighth place is occupied by Mice and Rats. Heat and poor waste management can become a trigger for mice and rats infestations. The Gallura Disinfestation Rat-Catching Service is an effective solution to combat the problem and prevent it thanks to the study of the areas to be treated and careful advice.
  • Lastly we find the Ants, which in large numbers are attracted to our homes by sugary liquids.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know the different methods of fight for these pests and for detailed information and estimates.

Top Ten Summer 2018 Pests

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