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Pest Proofing

2017-11-07 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

Today we are talking about an aspect closely related to the execution of disinfestation interventions essential for the success of the service.

The "Pest Proofing", "Rat Proofing" refers only to rodents, includes a series of measures, from structural measures to the simple correction of wrong habits, adoptable in order to limit the intrusion and the proliferation of weeds.

Already from the early stages of the survey it is possible to identify the intervention methodology to be adopted and, carefully observing the characteristics of the areas to be treated, advise corrective actions that may limit the activity of pests and which contribute to making Deratting or Pest management more effective.

Put some advice into practice (avoid keeping stagnant water in the saucers in which the mosquitoes lay their eggs, practice proper waste management to avoid the approach of the rodents, etc.) is necessary for the successful operation of the rodent / disinfestation.

For our company the pest-proofing activity is fundamental and an integral part of every type of service we offer, so we propose to offer support and advice for a correct management of the environment and for the possible application of the measures of Pest Proofing necessary to minimize the risk of infestation.

Pest Proofing

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