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Damages to photovoltaic plants caused by pigeons

2017-05-19 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

We have already talked about the damage that can cause the birds' dejections, both on a corrosive and sanitary level, but today we want to dwell on the damage that can be caused to the photovoltaic panels.

These systems, especially those installed on the roofs, offer shelter to the birds, which however damage the panels with their guano, compromising their performance.

In fact, the birds' dejections corrode the metallic materials (aluminum) and it is enough that a single cell of the photovoltaic panel breaks or is covered with stool to negatively affect the performance of the entire panel.

The countermeasures adopted by Gallura Disinfestazioni are preventive in nature.

The first operation is aimed at the guano removal.

The second step involves a disinfection intervention in order to reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses.

Only after these steps do we proceed with the installation of anti-intrusion barriers in the perimeter of the photovoltaic panels so as to physically prevent access to the birds.

Here are some photos of some of the work done by our technicians:

Damages to photovoltaic plants caused by pigeons Damages to photovoltaic plants caused by pigeons

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