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Eliminate woodworms from forniture and wooden objects

2022-03-25 Carla Petta posted:

Woodworm removal treatment in the heat chamber, bring your forniture to our headquarters in Olbia.

100% guaranteed effectiveness.

The heat chamber is the Gallura Disinfestazioni service that allows you to treat your worm-eaten furniture and wooden artifacts directly in our headquarters by means of ecological disinfestation treatment.

In our blog we have already presented this type of woodworm removal service, which exploits all the potential of the ecological anti-woodworm treatment with heat, excluding the disadvantages that this entails when intervening at home (energy consumption, non-practicability of home environments in the period in which it is carried out).

If your furniture or other wooden artifacts are infested with woodworms, thus risking to be compromised, you can take advantage of our woodworm service with heat chamber in a very simple way: just bring them to our premises, leave them for the period of time provided for the treatment. (24/48 hours) and finally come and collect them.

The woodworm removal treatment is 100% guaranteed, several scientific studies have highlighted the total effectiveness of the woodworm treatment with heat which, unlike chemical treatments, acts on any vital stage of the woodworm, causing its total elimination and saving your wooden furniture from woodworm. To learn more by clicking on this link you can access our article on the studies on this topic (ecological pest control) carried out by the most important universities.

Another fundamental aspect of woodworm treatments with the heat chamber is the impact on the environment, totally reduced to zero! We at Gallura Disinfestazioni have always paid attention to issues related to respect for the environment, we have given way to various processes and initiatives, including the one that will lead us to the total elimination of paper from the company work organization. The heat chamber is part of this series of processes, as it is a non-toxic and totally ecological system as well as powered by photovoltaic panels with storage batteries.

The advantages of the woodworm service with heat chamber are many:

The woodworm treatment with heat chamber is decisive, effective and 100% guaranteed. Bring your furniture to our headquarters in Olbia from all areas of Sardinia Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Olbia, Arzachena, Cannigione, Palau, Santa Teresa, Golfo Aranci, San Teodoro, Budoni, Siniscola, Nuoro we will return them totally reclaimed!

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