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The importance of monitoring service after termite removal treatment

2017-12-07 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

We have spoken of termite several times in our blog, highlighting its characteristics, the damage they cause and the methods of struggle.

Today we want to focus on the monitoring phase.

The termites shun light and free air moving within the ground. They feed on cellulose and, penetrating the buildings, cause considerable damage to the frames, load-bearing beams and all the wooden artefacts.

Given the massive presence of this pest in the whole territory of Sardinia, even after obtaining excellent results from the termite removal disinfestation and after having successfully proceeded to the elimination of the pest, it is not excluded that the treated areas may be subject to re-infestation.

Considering that one notices the infestation only when the first damages have already been procured, Gallura Disinfestazioni strongly advise our clients to proceed with a monitoring phase in order not to nullify the results obtained in the treatment phase, in order to intervene promptly if the presence of termites is detected again.

The importance of monitoring service after termite removal treatment

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