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Blue Tongue: a nightmare without end

2017-10-12 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

After the outbreaks started by Bari Sardo around mid-August continue the blue tongue cases in Sardinia.

In just over a month there are hundreds of dead animals and thousands have symptoms.

Blue tongue is an infectious disease that affects wild ruminants.

The trigger agent, the Bluetongue virus, is transmitted through the insect bites of the Culicoides Imicola of the order of Diptera, which proliferate in the area of ​​the Mediterranean basin.

The symptoms of this disease, which mainly affects sheep, are fever, lameness, buccal ulcers and cyanosis.

Our region has been fighting against this disease for almost 20 years: the first case of Bluetongue dates back to 2000 and since then the damage to the heritage of Sardinian sheep has been huge.

Now despite the continuous vaccinations and preventive measures, the virus has recurred, causing desperation among breeders.

To try to contain and prevent any outbreaks it is very important to intervene with targeted pest control and disinfection interventions in places where sheep are housed.

The Gallura Disinfestazioni, leader in the field of environmental hygiene, makes available its over thirty years of experience in the execution of these interventions.

Blue Tongue: a nightmare without end

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