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The main differences between Termites and Woodworms infestations

2018-08-30 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

They are among the weeds we talked about most often on our blog. They are very feared because of the structural damage they can cause inside homes. We are talking about woodworms and termites.

The main differences between Termites and Woodworms infestations

The common point between these two weeds is that they attack the wooden artefacts, causing considerable damage.

Regarding the characteristics, the biological cycle, the habitat and above all the methods of struggle present differences. There are some preliminary observations that can help identify the presence of one pest rather than the other.

The Termites (Reticulitermes lucifugus) attack the wood leaving the superficial part almost intact, eroding the inner part and crumbling it. They leave earthy walkways as a sign of their passage.

Woodworms instead cause small holes of flicker in the wood, in correspondence of which are formed small piles of sawdust, of different shapes depending on the species.

Below we publish a small summary table with the main features that can help you distinguish between Woodworms and Termites in order to help us in the sector to plan the most suitable disinfestation intervention

The main differences between Termites and Woodworms infestations

The Gallura Disinfestazioni is among the companies recognized applicators Sentri Tech, the innovative multi-phase system for the control of underground Termites.

We are praying to be the only ones in Sardinia to carry out the ecological woodworm treatment with heat, totally non-toxic and the only solution against infestations from Woodworms.

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