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Bonus 50% for Restructuring for Woodworm removal traetment in Sardinia

2020-11-28 Carla Petta posted:

Bonus 50% for Restructuring for Woodworm removal traetment in Sardinia

Our Ecological Woodworm Service is 50% deductible by means of a Tax Credit provided by the “Bonus Casa”.

How can I get the 50% Tax Credit provided by the “Bonus Casa” for the Ecological Woodworm Service of Gallura Disinfestazioni?

Gallura Disinfestazioni offers its customers a complete package, including the advice of a qualified technician specialized in drafting the documentation required by the “Bonus Casa”.

Simultaneously with the acceptance of the estimate and therefore with the assignment of the Woodworm Service (a restructuring, restoration and conservative restoration of the wooden structural elements of the customer's home), the qualified technician will take care of carrying out the appropriate operations at the relevant bodies in order to ensure the obtainment of the 50% Tax Credit.

How does the Gallura Ecological Woodworm Disinfestations Service work?

Our company carries out the innovative Woodworm Ecological Service throughout Sardinia through the sole use of heat.

Thanks to the use of sophisticated convectors we are able to distribute the heat produced in a capillary way, raising the temperature of the areas subjected to treatment and keeping it constant for the time necessary to reach the total mortality of any pest in all its life stages. Woodworms are xylophagous insects (they feed on wood) ranging in size from 3 to 7 mm and are much feared because they attack beams and wooden artifacts to feed on, causing extensive structural damage to homes.

Why choose the Gallura Ecological Woodworm Disinfestations Service?

The main reason for relying on our Woodworm service is its completely ecological nature while fully respecting the environment.

The treatment is in fact non-toxic, it does not involve the use of pesticides, toxic gases and noxious formulations; exploits the potential of high temperatures to safeguard and disinfect wooden structures.

Our company specializes in this type of woodworm treatment thanks to in-depth studies produced both on the characteristics of the weed and on the diffused heat method, in addition to thirty years of experience gained in the field.

Most of these interventions are carried out on wooden structural elements such as the beams in place and for this characteristic they fall within the building renovations, more specifically as "extraordinary restructuring, restoration and conservative restoration" and therefore give the possibility to access the tax benefits provided by the Home Bonus, that is the Tax Credit equal to 50% for renovations, to which the anti-woodworm interventions of structural parts in wood infested by woodworm belong. (For further information, by clicking here you will find the guide of Agenzia delle Entrate with useful information to request tax benefits).

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