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Differences between bees and wasps

2016-07-01 Carla Petta posted:

During the summer it often happens to come across insects such as wasps and bees. Equally often these insects are confused with each other.

It is therefore useful to clarify these two completely different species

Differences between bees and wasps

As you can see from the picture the bee has a much more stocky shape than the wasp. The color of the bee is dark yellow with black streaks while the body of the wasp is in yellow and black stripes.

The wasp has a food spectrum that is completely different from that of the bee and feeds on woody material, which is then used to build paper-based nests.

The bee feeds on the nectar present in the flowers, ensuring the pollination of 80% of each plant species. They are therefore indispensable for agricultural production. They use nectar to build waxy nests.

Because of these characteristics bees are protected species, wasps no.

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