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This place seems abandoned, full of very tall weeds!

How many times have you said this sentence, perhaps in front of a garden, on the side of a road or in front of a monument?

Usually, when a garden, the roadside or the outdoor monuments are not maintained sufficiently, weeds take over and can soil, damage and render a certain area useless.

The weeding interventions that we propose are aimed at eliminating, or at least limiting, situations such as those described above.

Weeding can be total or selective.

Total weeding is suitable for fields to cultivate or for the edges of the roads, as it allows the total eradication of any herbaceous or shrub species on the treated ground. After a total weeding operation, in fact, it is possible to quietly cultivate the treated land. It is also recommended for all abandoned lands as it is required, in all regions of Italy, to control the growth of weeds to reduce the risk of fires mainly in the summer season.

The selective weeding technique is used for the care and maintenance of turf or vegetable gardens and crops in general. We can, in fact, free the soil from any type of weed or shrub, selectively, without affecting the turf or the plants of cultivation.

The most infesting herbaceous species in Sardinia are the brambles and the bermuda grass.

The brambles are shrubs very similar to roses, with arched spines. The fruits are blackberries, which ripen in summer. It is easy to find them along the roads and on land fences, as they are a climbing and weed shrub. Where the brambles grow, nothing else grows because, being shrubs, they tend to grow very thick, creating tangles and impassable barriers, "drowning" the development of any other plant. It is a very difficult plant to eradicate, as the multiplication takes place by offshoot or cutting.

Spear grass is one of the most difficult weeds to eradicate. It is a grass that infests mainly turf and walkways. It is very difficult to eradicate as it is very resistant to trampling and reproduces very easily.

Is your soil infested with weeds and/or brambles? Contact us for a free quote to deweed your property. Call us at +39 0789 57 735, write us an email to [email protected] or fill out the form!

How much it cost?

Areas of intervention

Yes, it is possible to carry out selective weeding, which, unlike total weeding, aims to eliminate unwanted weeds without damaging desired crops.

No, unless you have a ‘Patentino Verde’ (a Green Licence), which is a specific qualification for the purchase and professional use of pesticides.

No, these products can only be sold by authorized sellers.

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