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Plastic glue tray

Glue tray for monitoring rodents and crawling insects


Mice and Rats / Crawling Insects

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Adhesive trap in thermoformed plastic trays with extra quantity of glue (40 gr), can be placed inside safety dispensers. Effective at low temperatures.

The glue trays are suitable for catching mice and rats in particular situations such as false ceilings, electrical panels, floating floors, etc.

Thanks to their resistance to water (the glue is not affected by humidity), the glue trays can be used in food companies that have problems related to water and humidity (dairies, slaughterhouses, cured meats, milking parlors, etc.). Measures 19 x 12 x 1.2 cm

Use environments

Homes, cellars, garages, storage rooms, private gardens, factories, offices, warehouses, landfills, public buildings and HO.RE.CA.

Mode of Use

It is advisable to house the glue tray inside the special container, in order to prevent non-experts from compromising the purpose of use of the glue.

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