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Spray Air Free Diffuser

Aerosol Diffuser


Viruses, Bacteria, Yeasts, Flying Insects

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Scheda Tecnica Spray Air Free Diffuser

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Automatic system developed to make indoor spaces open to the public protected and welcoming: - Raises a barrier against the problem of annoying and dangerous insects such as flies and mosquitoes; - Disinfect the environment with Air Control Santaizer PMC; - Eliminates the annoyance of unpleasant odors. The automatic timed dispenser can be used with a 250 ml aerosol can with metered valve which can be: - insecticide - disinfectant - deodorant Diffuser characteristics: - 3 dispensing intervals: 7.5 - 15 - 30 minutes - photocell: night / day operation / 24 h - 1 year warranty. For the choice and analysis of the characteristics relating to each type of cylinder, visit the dedicated page.

Use environments

Domestic and civil premises (homes, living rooms, toilets, meeting rooms, schools, communities, canteens, shops, laboratories, warehouses, food industries, hotels, restaurants, bars, barracks, riding stables, stables, animal shelters, means of transport such as ships, planes, trains, buses, campers, etc.).

Mode of Use

Place the dispensing system no less than 1.80 meters from the floor. Avoid that the jet is directed near people, animals, fabrics. Do not apply near air conditioning systems. Make sure that the environment is equipped with sufficient air exchange.

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