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Air Control Sanitizer PMC disinfectant - 6 Pcs. 150ml

Disinfectant 250 ml Aerosol Can - Reg. N. 20970 of the Ministry of Health


Viruses, Bacteria, Yeasts

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Scheda Tecnica Air Control Sanitizer PMC disinfectant - 6 Pcs. 150ml

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Air Control Sanitizer® is a ready-to-use aerosol disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium salts for environments, objects and surfaces. Air Control Sanitizer® performs a rapid disinfectant action as bactericide and levuricide. It also has a virucidal action as it is effective on all encapsulated and some non-encapsulated viruses. Air Control Sanitizer® complies with standards:

EN14476 and EN16777 efficacy on encapsulated and some non-encapsulated viruses;

EN 13697: 2015 and A1: 2019 bactericidal and levuricidal efficacy;

EN1276: 2019 bactericidal efficacy;

EN1650: 2019 of levuricidal efficacy.

250 ml bottle with metered valve, specially designed for use with our automatic timed diffusers. Ideal for treating work environments, such as offices, changing rooms, canteens, gyms, medical offices etc.

It guarantees 3,000 disbursements.

Use environments

Civil sector (warehouses, schools, cinemas, shops, hotels and receptive structures, gyms, kitchens, restaurants, canteens, toilets, etc.) Domestic sector (homes, condominiums, cellars, bathrooms) Public buildings (barracks, offices, places of meeting, etc.) Industry (production areas, changing rooms, common areas, offices), Food Industry, Means of Transport (cars, trains, buses, public transport, taxis, boats, and aircraft) Ventilation systems (air conditioners, suction systems , pipelines, etc.)

Mode of Use

Place the dispensing system no less than 1.80 meters from the floor. Avoid that the jet is directed near people, animals, fabrics. Do not apply near air conditioning systems. Uncovered foods, prepared or in preparation, must be placed more than 3 meters away from the dispenser. Make sure that the environment is equipped with sufficient air exchange.


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