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Insecticide smoke bomb Smoke 60g

Ready-to-use smoke bomb - 60 g jar - Biocidal product - Aut. N. IT / 2020/00615


Cockroaches, Ants, Mites, Flies, Wasps and Hornets, Spiders

Tecnical info

Scheda Tecnica Insecticide smoke bomb Smoke 60g

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Price: 50,02 €

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Fast-acting and long-lasting insecticide fumigant candle with high practicality of use for indoor environments

Use environments

Industry and Logistics,, Public buildings and offices 

Mode of Use

Average dose. Flying insects: 60 g package up to 1,900 m3 - Crawling insects: 60 g package up to 120 m3 - Use in a sealed and uninhabited environment. One-time use, turn on to let it consume completely. Air the rooms well before their reuse.

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