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Insecticide Vespa Jet

Ready-to-use Vespicide Aerosol Insecticide - Bottle ml 750 - PMC - Reg. N. 19159


Wasps, Hornets, Winged Insects

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Insecticide spray ready to use based on Permethrin, designed to act against wasps and hornets. Thanks to the special valve that enhances the delivery up to a range of 5 meters, it is possible to treat nests that are normally difficult to reach. Vespajet is a fast killing insecticide recommended for all remote applications. It acts by contact and its good residuality prevents the repopulation of the treated areas. Vespajet is effective against wasps, hornets and other annoying insects that lurk in the most disparate places (gutters, roller shutter boxes, under the windowsills, between the supporting beams of the roofs, in the attics, along the canopies, cavities, cracks or cracks of the walls).

Use environments

Interior and exterior

Mode of Use

Shake before using. By spraying at short intervals (7-10 seconds), from a distance of about 3 meters, direct the jet directly on the nests or in the places of shelter of both flying and crawling insects (wasps, hornets, bedbugs, spiders, cockroaches, ants, etc.). The jet can also be directed against isolated insects. Against wasps and hornets, it is recommended to apply in the early morning or late evening (ie when the insects are in the nest), in this way the effectiveness of the treatment is increased. After a few days of no more live insects, the nest can be removed. In closed environments, ventilate the room before staying there again. Do not use in excessive or improper quantities. Repeat the application if necessary.

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